Легенда про озеро Синевир

Якщо ви мрієте відчути дух романтики If you dream of feeling the spirit of romance and enjoying the unsurpassed beauty of the Carpathians, we invite you to visit an unforgettable place - Lake Synevyr. It is here, according to an ancient legend, that the story of a sad love story, which was overwhelmed by huge insurmountable obstacles, is being told.

The legend of Lake Synevyr - the magic of love and the irrepressible intertwining of fate

It is said that many centuries ago, a wealthy prince lived in the Carpathian Mountains, and all the locals were working hard to keep him happy. A sad note in his life was the loss of his wife, who left behind a little daughter, Xin, whose beauty was as blue as the eyes of the sky. Xin grew up to be a beauty, and the prince was very proud of her.

One day the prince decided to take a trip to the forest, and he took young Xin with him. While the prince was busy talking to the woodcutters, Xin decided to take a walk and wandered into a clearing. There she heard an incredible melody played by a young shepherd named Vir. Fascinated by the sounds, Xin came closer and became enchanted by Vir's playing. They fell in love and became inseparable.

But suddenly this idyll was interrupted by a cruel prince. Enraged by the inconsistency of his daughter's choice, he ordered Vir to be killed. In the absence of anyone to protect him, Vir was captured and killed by placing a huge stone on his head. After that, Xin ran to the place where her beloved was killed and cried for a long time, her tears forming a deep lake whose color was the same as the color of her eyes.

This is how Synevyr Lake was born, a magical place that now serves as a reminder of eternal love and purity of love. The sculptures of Synya and Vira, made of mahogany, adorn its shores, attracting newlyweds and reminding us of the legend that came true in these places.

Lake Synevyr today

This fabulous lake is incredibly popular among tourists. It fascinates with its beauty, beckons and mesmerizes, as if it were a real magic stone. Visiting it, you will definitely be able to feel the special aura and emotions that overwhelm this place. An excursion to the Synevyr Lake will give you an unforgettable experience and help you become part of this eternal love story.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the real fairy tale of Lake Synevyr in person, visit it next time!